Tim Ferriss Show (Aug 2019)

Safi Bahcall is the author of Loonshots, a national bestseller that has been translated into 18 languages; selected as a Financial Times, Amazon, Strategy+Business, and Inc. Magazine Best Business Book of 2019; and recommended by Bill Gates, Daniel Kahneman, Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Pink, Susan Cain, Adam Grant, and Tim Ferriss. Senator Bob Kerrey wrote: “If The Da Vinci Code and Freakonomics had a child together, it would be called Loonshots.”

Video: Safi Bahcall — On hypnosis, conquering insomnia, and the need for a chief incentives officer (Tim Ferriss Show, August 2019). Transcript here. For Safi’s first appearance on Tim Ferris Show, see here.





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