“This book has everything: new ideas, bold insights, entertaining history and convincing analysis. Not to be missed by anyone who wants to understand how ideas change the world.”

Daniel Kahneman

winner of the Nobel Prize, author of Thinking, Fast and Slow

“Safi Bahcall extends the principles of emergence to the behavior of groups, creating an entirely new way of thinking about why some succeed and others fail. Safi hits all the right notes: the rhythm is right, the humor is right, the scope is right … everything is right. Loonshots should be required reading for anyone serious about changing the world for the better.”

Robert Laughlin

winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, author of A Different Universe

“Safi Bahcall proposes that phase-transition physics can illuminate human organizations … Anyone interested in a fresh approach to innovation—with lots of lively examples—should read this book.”

Eric Maskin

winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, professor at Harvard

“Who knew that one idea could connect naval battles, chirping crickets, and the birth of modern science? If The Da Vinci Code and Freakonomics had a child together, it would be called Loonshots. This book is a must read for anyone in business, education, or public service.“

Senator Bob Kerrey

Medal of Honor recipient, former Navy SEAL and president of The New School

“A wonderful book that explores the beauty, quirkiness and complexity of ideas, Loonshots will both educate and entertain you. If you care about ideas—especially new and out-of-the-box ones—you need to read this book.”

Siddhartha Mukherjee

winner of the Pulitzer Prize, author of The Emperor of All Maladies

“Riveting stories … Bahcall’s fresh ideas and practical solutions—an unusual combination of psychology and physics—should change the way any person or team sets out to change the world.”

Amy C. Edmondson

Professor at Harvard Business School, author of The Fearless Organization

“One of the most intriguing and imaginative books about creativity I’ve ever read … physics meets history meets innovation meets management and organizational design.”

Robert Sutton

professor at Stanford, author of The No Asshole Rule

“A work of genius … brilliantly conveys multiple lessons about problem solving, group dynamics, and the value of thought and reflection in an immensely entertaining way.”

Joseph Fuller

professor at Harvard Business School, co-founder of Monitor Group

Loonshots is a brilliant and wonderfully entertaining book, an unstoppable read, full of surprises and rich with insight into how people create and nurture things that change the world. It’s also an important book. Bahcall, a physicist and biotech entrepreneur, is unfolding the secrets behind successes everywhere.”

Richard Preston

#1 NY Times best-selling author of The Hot Zone and The Wild Tree

Loonshots is the best thing you’ll read this year.”

Morgan Housel

partner, Collobartive Fund; former columnist, Wall Street Journal and Motley Fool

Loonshots by Safi Bahcall is one of the best books of 2019 and possibly the decade.”

Ashita Achuthan

Group Product Manager @ Twitter; founder/CEO Tonga; co-founder Women In Product

Malcolm Gladwell meets Bill Nye in this fabulous business book that will also appeal to Steven Johnson history fans. Who would have thought physics would have any application to creativity or that I would devour such a book in one sitting?”

Jill Hendrix

Fiction Addiction

“In this age of noise, constant disturbances and lack of deep thinking, Loonshots is a breath of fresh air. If you want to find and nurture radical ideas that can transform your business, read this incredible book.”

Vikrant Batra

Chief Marketing Officer, HP Inc.


Fantastic … I have enough inspiration/ideas to run through a brick wall. Few good books exist on organizational behavior, LOONSHOTS is an order of magnitude more valuable.

Kelly Hollinger

EVP Innovation, Vibra Healthcare

Some books challenge what you think―Loonshots will challenge how you think. Never before have we been given such a clear and compelling roadmap to questioning norms, embracing the impossible, and shooting for the stars. Loonshots is a must read for anyone passionate or crazy enough to take on today’s biggest challenges

Edward Sullivan

CEO, Velocity Group

Loonshots is the book we desperately need now. Today’s threats cannot be met by might alone. To defend our nation in an increasingly competitive world, we need to innovate faster and better than those who would do us harm. Bahcall offers a solution to the challenge of nurturing innovation without sacrificing core capabilities or operational edge. Brilliant, insightful, and immediately applicable—Loonshots is destined to become required reading for experienced and rising leaders everywhere.”

Douglas Wickert

Colonel, US Air Force

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